Previous events

Date Event Location
Quiet, Temple Canyon The Mirkwood, Arlington, WA The Mirkwood, Arlington, WA
Quiet, Cooper's Knives The Valley, Tacoma, WA The Valley, Tacoma, WA
Quiet, Levi Fuller and the Library, CHAD Blue Moon, Seattle, WA Blue Moon, Seattle, WA
Quiet, Power Strip, Sweet Creature Sunset, Seattle, WA Sunset, Seattle, WA
Quiet @ NadaFest Substation, Seattle Substation, Seattle
Quiet, Kings of Cavalier, Dirty Dirty, American Wrecking Company Skylark, Seattle, WA Skylark, Seattle, WA
Crazy Eyes, Stereo Creeps, The Deadrones, Quiet Slim's, Seattle, WA Slim's, Seattle, WA
Quiet (Acoustic) High Dive, Seattle, WA High Dive, Seattle, WA
Quiet Darrell's Tavern, Shoreline, WA Darrell's Tavern, Shoreline, WA
Quiet Dante's, Portland, OR Dante's, Portland, OR
Bear Axe, Quiet, Medejin Vermillion, Seattle, WA Vermillion, Seattle, WA
Quiet, The Sharp Teeth, Go Hibiki Central Saloon, Seattle, WA Central Saloon, Seattle, WA
Shaolin Hunks, Quiet, Sun Mother Parliament Tavern, Seattle, WA Parliament Tavern, Seattle, WA
Quiet Substation, Seattle Substation, Seattle
Ten Miles Wide, Quiet, Patrick Galactic High Dive, Seattle, WA High Dive, Seattle, WA
Quiet, The Deadrones, Leftover Pie The Cellar Door, Port Townsend, WA The Cellar Door, Port Townsend, WA
Quiet Cha Cha Lounge Cha Cha Lounge
Crown Villains, Quiet, Space Coyote, Jenna Fields Substation, Seattle Substation, Seattle
Quiet test event Substation, Seattle Substation, Seattle